Sunday, October 5, 2008

iMacros ( automatting your web browsing)

Hey peps,

This is my first blog post, so hopping to get u'r comment on this.

Everyday we do some scheduled browsing like mail checking, going social sites etc. etc. And for that we have to type in user name, passwords, email addresses etc. This seems dull after few days.

But if u r using Firefox u can automate u'r browsing just by installing an add-ons called "iMacros". Its pretty simple.

At first u have to record what u want to automate with "iMacros" then just click on play button will do the dull things u were doing in u'r everyday life.

I recorded the process of going to all my email accounts with "iMacros". Now i am just one click away from checking my emails of different accounts.