Sunday, March 28, 2010

tester's mind

When God would be testing a tester, i think He will overlook issues ..... cause it's His own creation.

A tester should never be harsh to any developer in any circumstances. If you don't agree with me, try enrolling yourself in developer shoes and put your creation under test by some good testers. You will realize eventually what a developer goes through in any SDLC.

I think to build your mind as a tester mind, is a very cloudy process. As one tells you to dun say a word or write without any proof, another tells open your mind to invent test ideas. For me i think my mind is getting confused. As some time i am thinking like a proof harvester another time i am trying to apply new ideas to test. And thus my mind is constantly in parallel state. So, i guess building a tester mind is not that easy, at least for me as i have to think of family matter also. hmm so what kind of thinking process i have to apply in family matters?... no one knows i think... :).. and my mind is in continuous framework changing environment... need to read some psychological book!! Reading ebooks and finishing it is another obstacle for me as i get destructed more often and pursue something else reading or doing. Another thing is that when i try to switch my mind to do some developing projects... well my mind is in catastrophic state... :| .

A tester should be always focused on what he/she is doing or would plan to do. Keep note, keep schedule plan, make note on mobile notification, mail notification do whatever you can do reminder your self about your plan. If needed change that plan accordingly. But do keep notifying yourself. It will keep you focused. For me i am easily got distracted from what i was doing or plan to do. Some say its good some say its bad. I think its bad when you have high priority tasks to do and you want to give your 100% to that tasks. Keep notify yourself by any medium you like.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Introducing me!


Introducing myself as (wanna be) Software Testing Engineer, Mohammad Ashik Elahi (scornik). I included "wanna be" because becoming a test engineer is not easy. It takes time, hard work, passion, eagerness and curiosity about software testing. So, if you get into a job as software test engineer and call yourself a software test engineer, i would disagree with you.

Becoming a software tester was never part of my plan. Actually i never planned my career neither my educational life. I was an average student, hope so. But been always trying out new technologies outside academic curriculum. Which is helping me in my professional career.

I got my first PC after passing S.S.C. from my father. Within one month i was able to crash it more than four times. So i guess my fate was written from there. And it was breaking things (software). So i guess my journey as a tester begin from there...

The first objective of creating this blog back at 2008 was to earn money from Google Ad-sense. But i have decided not to run for money, should run for developing my skills as a software test Engineer. Ultimately skills that will matter at the end. Also decided to share my story with you now on ;).

I think i have to end it today... :(, cause my manager just gave some work to be done. Though i had lot to say...

Any way will update my story soon..


Mohammad Ashik Elahi A.K.A. scornik