Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Introducing me!


Introducing myself as (wanna be) Software Testing Engineer, Mohammad Ashik Elahi (scornik). I included "wanna be" because becoming a test engineer is not easy. It takes time, hard work, passion, eagerness and curiosity about software testing. So, if you get into a job as software test engineer and call yourself a software test engineer, i would disagree with you.

Becoming a software tester was never part of my plan. Actually i never planned my career neither my educational life. I was an average student, hope so. But been always trying out new technologies outside academic curriculum. Which is helping me in my professional career.

I got my first PC after passing S.S.C. from my father. Within one month i was able to crash it more than four times. So i guess my fate was written from there. And it was breaking things (software). So i guess my journey as a tester begin from there...

The first objective of creating this blog back at 2008 was to earn money from Google Ad-sense. But i have decided not to run for money, should run for developing my skills as a software test Engineer. Ultimately skills that will matter at the end. Also decided to share my story with you now on ;).

I think i have to end it today... :(, cause my manager just gave some work to be done. Though i had lot to say...

Any way will update my story soon..


Mohammad Ashik Elahi A.K.A. scornik

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