Thursday, April 30, 2009


Its sad that Microsoft stopped the NET SEND service. If you used it u know its lot fun if u want bug anyone ...lolz :p. This service has been stopped since release of XP service pack 2 because of security issues.

I have got this trick to enable that service again. \m/....done that in XP service pack2.
To do this, follow these steps:

1. Open Windows Explorer.
2. In the left pane, right-click My Computer, and then click Manage.
3. In the Computer Management window, expand Services and Applications in the left pane, and then click Services.
4. In the right pane, double-click Messenger.
5. In the Messenger Properties (Local Computer) dialog box, click the General tab.
6. On the General tab, select Automatic from the Startup type list, and then click Apply.
7. Under Service status, click Start, and then click OK.

now type in your cmd without the bracer [[ net send "targetted pc's ip address without qoute" "your message with qoute" ]]
Example: net send 172.30.*.* "hello"

note: be sure to enable service in both pc .


Pinky said...

wow! We used to use net send in our labs at BU. It was fun in the lab class... Remembered the old days reading this post... Good old days :)

scornik said...

Agree, I also used to poke my lab tutor with this feature in the early university days....Golden old days and nights :).