Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Weekend Testing

Weekend Testing Session No. 35
Date: Saturday 15th May 2010
Time: 3 PM – 5 PM IST GMT+05:30

At last I have participated in the weekend testing session. It was my first session.
I was very excited about it. Some how i missed when it started and joined a bit later. And at last i got time to blog about it. :)

Mission: In my view: Go to URL: http://prezi.com, explore it and make a good presentation and report that to http://www.bugrepository.com/.
The mission was simple but i think was full of traps. Like what is a good presentation ? i was answered by Ajay that good according to me. Well i was more confused and thought about what should be the good according to me? And i thought if can found some problem in it then it would make a good presentation as it seems to have some problem. [well according to me anyway.. ;)]

So I opened up my favorite tool "Perlclip" and generated 1000 long string and pasted at the name and description field. and was continuing to load screen shots in my presentation.

Finally when i tried to open that presentation my browser stopped responding!!! Well, in the end to me, i have made a good presentation. ;)

Finally thanks to the moderator for teaching me to submit my report first then start discussion and also giving me more time finish the presentation. Liked the presentation tool though it is a bit slow and made my browser crashed :).

My presentation link: http://prezi.com/vxc49kxpao9t/
bugrepository.com Bug ID: 0000308

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Intra weekdays testing !!

Couldn't think of a better title than this one, sorry :|.

Couple of weeks ago I was thinking about learning testing through community based testing. Where people would come together on a particular day/night and test a random application with a common mission. Actually i was really bored of my company's projects or lack of projects, so i thought it would be nice to arrange or participate in these type of events which will help my learning curve grow (perhaps in right direction).

So, I was asking about this to local testers to know their feedback. Most of them likes the idea but from their perspective it would be impossible to arrange and continue like this event as most of us want to give time to family or friends in the weekends. Then I was suggested about "Weekendtesting.com" community by Mr. Sajjadul Hakim from the local community "SQABD.com".

I found "weekendtesting.com" community's idea very interesting and this actually can be applicable in Bangladesh also. As testers can be grouped together online and can test an app from their home. I hope someday Bangladesh chapter will be opened at "weekendtesting.com".

Before i go deep into that i thought how about i run an experiment with my colleagues with this idea. So i have decided to give them a random app and asked them to test with some limited time. I found suitable app address from "weekendtesting.com" "http://www.barcodeart.com/artwork/netart/yourself/yourself.swf", which was used in one weekend testing session. Interesting scnenario was this:

Participants: 3 newbie testers (fresher)
Time: 2 hours

I was very eager to see how those three new comers approach a problem without having no prior testing knowledge (thats the main mission for me and teach them how should they). Mission was same as was in "weekendtesting" forum: "to find out highest possible value" and "the invalid input". As this session happened in weekdays and within my company, i called it "Intra Weekdays testing".

First Tester's approach: He downloaded a bug report template and wrote down problems he found.
Second Tester's approach: She draw a table to analysis the output and input.
Third Tester's approach: He tried to explore as much as possible to find out anything about the application.

I see that combination of their approach can be called a good approach: explore+analysis+report. But they didn't seem to communicate with each other. So they failed to fulfill the mission. So this taught a big lesson for them which is team work always better.

This is an experiment to teach the freshers the way to approach a problem. Time will say whether it works or not. I will try to continue to do these type of events whenever possible. I was also influenced by the events organized by Mr. Sajjadul Hakim at his company which is in his words "we used to do short testing demonstration sessions with small apps available on the internet".

Thats all for now..