Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Weekend Testing

Weekend Testing Session No. 35
Date: Saturday 15th May 2010
Time: 3 PM – 5 PM IST GMT+05:30

At last I have participated in the weekend testing session. It was my first session.
I was very excited about it. Some how i missed when it started and joined a bit later. And at last i got time to blog about it. :)

Mission: In my view: Go to URL: http://prezi.com, explore it and make a good presentation and report that to http://www.bugrepository.com/.
The mission was simple but i think was full of traps. Like what is a good presentation ? i was answered by Ajay that good according to me. Well i was more confused and thought about what should be the good according to me? And i thought if can found some problem in it then it would make a good presentation as it seems to have some problem. [well according to me anyway.. ;)]

So I opened up my favorite tool "Perlclip" and generated 1000 long string and pasted at the name and description field. and was continuing to load screen shots in my presentation.

Finally when i tried to open that presentation my browser stopped responding!!! Well, in the end to me, i have made a good presentation. ;)

Finally thanks to the moderator for teaching me to submit my report first then start discussion and also giving me more time finish the presentation. Liked the presentation tool though it is a bit slow and made my browser crashed :).

My presentation link: http://prezi.com/vxc49kxpao9t/
bugrepository.com Bug ID: 0000308


Santhosh Tuppad said...

First of all I am glad to hear that you finally participated in Weekend Testing session. I hope you look forward to participate in more and there are different learning associated with the session every time you participate.

Also, how about starting a chapter for Bangladesh. Taking initiative is cool but how long do you take it matters. Game for it? Then talk to Ajay Balamurugadas regarding starting one *smiles*.

PerlClip - Good one. This is just amazing. No words to explain. But, still most of the testers are not aware of it.

This is my first comment on your blog and you will see a flow hereafter. Keep me post comments on your blog by postings blog posts consistently :)

Santhosh Shivanand Tuppad

scornik said...

Yes i have every intention of opening a Bangladesh chapter. According to your advice will talk to Ajay Balamurugadas about this.

Hope for the best