Monday, June 14, 2010

Review:- SQABD Lighting Talk 4, Held on March 31, 2010 at Washington Hotel, Dhaka

Hello all,

I know this post is a bit out-dated in perspective from the topic, but i wanted to review the talks and i thought its better late than never. I had some questions to ask but couldn't at the seminar as i am not a rapid thinker. Hmm might effect me being a rapid-tester like Sajjad vai, ;).And i was waiting for the videos to be finished uploading too. Anyway here it goes:

SQABD Lighting talk 4 review:

Talk1-Mozammel Haque
Topic title-Solo Scrum-The Pomodoro Technique

First of all thanks for introducing me to the Pomodoro technique. I wasn't aware of it till your talk that day. What i understand from your talk is that:

1. Choose a task to be accomplished
2. Set the Pomodoro to 25 minutes (the Pomodoro is the timer)
3. Work on the task until the Pomodoro time up
4. Take a short break (5 minutes is OK)
5. Every 4 Pomodoros take a longer break
6. And not to answer any IM, phone calls within this 25 min time period. And if anyone calls tell them to call after the time left in Pomodoro.

Now i think there might be some problem regarding this technique. I think this technique might be self interrupting your thinking process. What if someone is deep into something and the timer rings that your time is up and you have to concentrate after 5 minutes. Well, in that case this technique doesn't help.

In that 25 min time period, if you got call then you are already interrupted. And in these days you can not switch off your mobile, that's not logical. Its better finish your talk and fully concentrate then.

Well that's my perspective anyway. BTW liked your presentation style :).

Talk2-M Ayman Noor
Topic title- When to stop testing?

My answer is simple : until your project manager or test manager or customer says stop, you continue testing. We also have to consider the constraints and do our test plan according to that. Many time it happened to me that there were predetermined time and we planned our test process accordingly suddenly customer don't want anymore testing to be done, then we have to stop there.

In real world, testers are not in a position neither have the authority to minimize the risk, if s/he could have those we might have call ourselves QA guy not tester. And we also do not have privileges to release the product, we can only convince
our PM | TM | customer about the risks they are taking to release the product before sufficient test coverage.

Anyway thanks for asking a thoughtful question.

Talk3-Samuel D. Bretzfield
Topic title-Lighting Talks 4 keynote

Awsome work environment you have indeed. :)
hire me ...lolz. just kidding.

Talk4-Shaikh Sonny Aman
Topic title- Developing a lightweight, hi-performance and dynamic JSON api server with C.

Well i really don't like programming language "C" actually. Andi have no prior knowledge about Json either, So I should not make any comment about your talk. :)

BTW: liked your sketch though ;), and your presentation slides were fun to watch.

Talk5-Tauhidul Islam
Topic title-SQL Server Database Change Automation

Nice tool indeed. How can i get that tool you made? :)
Hope you will make that tool fully automatic from semi automatic one day/night.

BTW: I have found another tool like yours by Ewout Stortenbeker and his project name is "SQL Server database versioning with Subversion (SVN).

Anyway nice informative presentation.

Talk6-Zahidul Islam
Topic title: Meta Testing

Hmm Interesting name you mentioned "Meta Testing". May be its my lacking that i haven't understand what "Meta Testing" really is. You have talked about some fallacies and those are interesting way to looking at scenarios indeed.

Talk7-Abu Awal Md. Shoeb
Topic title: Challenges of a Paperless Admission System

What an inspirational work and speech my friend. Sal-lot to you and to your
co-workers. But it would have been much better if you would have been given the speech in English then I could have forward link to others from outside Bangladesh to watch this speech of yours.

Anyway i am waiting for your many more inspiration works.

Talk8-Hasin Hayder
Topic title: Bangla Input Manager JQuery Plugin

Great work man! And indeed thanks for reminding us the blessing of open source.
Phonetic Bangla uses in web pages are really great plus point in respective of usability.

BTW: Nice presentation trick :).

Talk9-Imrul Kayes
Topic title: Context driven testing(CDT)

Thanks for sharing your expertise in CDT. But the two circumstances you have mentioned where it would be difficult for us to apply, i think we the testers are facing those circumstances everyday, i.e.:
1. It is always someone beside the the tester who is responsible for ensuring quality
2. How do you determine that the context is well defined? If the context is well defined then why it would be difficult to apply CDT there??

Talk10-Golam Rabbi
Topic title: Good To Great

Inspirational speech about your success story indeed. Will sure try to discipline myself but it would be very hard ;).

Best Regards