Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Online job scams


Recently i have been looking for extra cash besides my normal income. So i thought why not do some freelancing job online sitting from home.

The next question i faced was how to find a legitimate one. But believe me all sites seems legitimate to me. 90% of them asked for money first as run their server, for maintainance bla bla. Keep in mind that what kind of a employer would want payment to give you payment ! All of them are scams. I searched for about two weeks but never found a legitimate one. To tell you the truth i almost felt for a website called, but then i heard about their scams and saved by inch.

There is a forum which is about online scams. They opened my eyes. In that forum users talk about many online scams and if you want to sure about some site whether it is legitimate or not try posting your query there and you'll surely know the truth. (forum link)

You can search for legitimate sites through site also.

In the end i have found some good sites which are pretty good for freelance work as per your skill. Here is the list I found legitimate:
Thats all my friends. Never get scammed or make a fool out of yourself. Rmember, Its the employer who will pay you.

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